From L to R below 1x123 (16340), 1xAA (14500), 2x123 (16650) 2xAA (NL1416R)

Below, Haiku head on 1x123 and 1xAA paks:

Below from L-R Mule Head on 1xAA, Haiku head on 1x123, SunDrop head on 1xAA and Haiku head on 1xAA

Below Mahi head on Tri Pak (1x123 or 16340 battery):


Below Sapphire (AAA)

Below T -B Aqua Ram/Mule , Haiku on 2x123 and Terra Ram/Mule*

* The Aqua and Terra Ram and Mule head is the same head.

In the image below you can see the Mule on the left has the LED exposed and close to the front for full flood whereas the Ram on the right has a deep reflector for a collimated beam of light.